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Mental Health Support Psychologist


It typically takes 1 hour for standard service (terms and conditions apply) and 72 hours for standard service for a therapist to contact you. please do not worry. Please send us your details and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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Don’t worry if you’re late. You will receive a notification on your WhatsApp number. Depends on your therapist.

Yes, we provide psychological interventions, but this is not an emergency medical intervention platform. If you have a serious and urgent need, please call another helpline. This is not an emergency helpline platform.

As we have clearly stated, we are not an SOS helpline. If you need a session urgently, please call another platform.

Mental Health Support Psychologist

Therapy is not a one-time thing, nor is it an emergency. It takes a lot of time and many sessions to heal and deal with mental/emotional issues.

Mental Health In Wartime: How Undp Supported Ngos Are Providing Psychological Aid To Ukrainians

According to our experts and experience in marriage counseling, we recommend starting with a few individual sessions.

Connect to the same processor. You can contact the same therapist to start individual sessions (at least 4 sessions each).

You will be assigned the same therapist, and after the first few individual sessions, that therapist will become the bridge between you and your spouse.

This is India’s best online therapy and counseling website for depression, anxiety, stress, relationship/marriage/couple issues.

What Is Mental Health?

More than 10,000 people come for treatment every month. We handle most products. Current number of customers in India.

85% of new customers choose our treatment services again. Top quality treatment services.

We provide the highest level of satisfaction with treatment services. This is the most among all online counseling services.

Mental Health Support Psychologist

Simply put, the best online counseling services are mental health counseling that takes place online and provides therapy sessions using technology from the best certified professionals. The professionals who provide online therapy have many hours of hands-on experience. It is important to ensure that the caregiver you work with is a certified psychological counselor. Don’t worry. All of our therapists are certified psychological counselors who use our online therapy platform to provide you with the counseling services (specialty) you deserve.

Workers Appreciate And Seek Mental Health Support In The Workplace

I have found online treatment platforms to be the best. Everything and steps are simple and easy. You can communicate with a therapist and start your therapeutic journey in the easiest way.

We are happy to offer you therapy services from the best online counseling platform in India. I look forward to receiving treatment for the rest of my life. My therapist is truly my teacher. I experienced a complete change in my life.

He came into my life when I was at my lowest point. I believe that I am alive now because of the treatment I received. I inspire others and support my friends in a positive way. It seems that I have found my purpose in life. According to the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not simply the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Mental health is an important part of health. Being healthy means being physically and mentally healthy.

Psychology Of Exercise: Improvements In Mental Health

Mental health is a state of well-being that allows us to fulfill our potential, overcome life’s obstacles, work productively, and participate in community life. It includes all emotional, physical, social and spiritual aspects.

Our mental health is constantly evolving throughout our lives and doesn’t just depend on what’s going on in our heads. There are many internal and external factors that can positively or negatively impact our mental health.

When our mental health is compromised, it can affect our daily activities, relationships, work, self-image, and sense of well-being.

Mental Health Support Psychologist

If you think you would benefit from discussing a professional or personal issue with a professional, please feel free to contact us. Medical services provide first-line psychological counseling to all crew members (MPE and MPA). Appointments with psychologists Katja Schinkel and Sebastian Tobau are free and confidential:

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The next article in this series will focus on the signs and symptoms of mental health problems and how to recognize them. If you’ve never been to therapy before, you know that deciding who to talk to about your mental health can be extremely difficult. So you’re probably thinking, “What kind of therapist do I need?”

There are different types of mental health professionals. Their job titles and areas of expertise may vary from state to state, and it can seem very confusing to know who does what.

So if you’re struggling to deal with your emotions and understand your thoughts and actions, what kind of mental health provider is right for you? Counselor, therapist, or social therapist? Do I need to talk to a worker? Can your doctor diagnose your condition? Who can prescribe medication for a mental health professional?

This article describes the different types of mental health care professionals to help you understand the differences in education, training, licensing, specialties, and services they provide.

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Psychotherapy or talk therapy is a general term for the use of verbal and psychological techniques to treat mental health disorders and emotional difficulties.

Psychotherapy can help you understand the root causes, eliminate or control unpleasant symptoms, and learn how to use healthy coping skills to respond to difficult situations. It may not be possible to cure the disease naturally, but it can give you the ability to cope and feel better.

Psychotherapy is also called therapy or counseling. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, some people simply distinguish between them.

Mental Health Support Psychologist

Psychotherapist (or simply therapist) is a general term and does not indicate job title, education, training, or licensure. Different types of mental health professionals can provide psychotherapy, including:

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As you can see, there are several mental health professionals who can help you find ways to make positive changes and achieve your life goals. Although they are all qualified to provide psychotherapy, there are some differences in their education and training.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who graduate from medical school with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree and are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders during a four-year residency.

They have experience in differentiating mental health problems from other underlying conditions that may be accompanied by psychological symptoms. Psychiatrists have the authority to prescribe and monitor medications and provide or assign treatment.

Psychologists have a doctoral degree in clinical psychology (PhD or PsyD) and are trained to assess a person’s mental health using clinical interviews, psychological assessments, and tests. They can diagnose and treat a variety of mental health disorders and provide individual and group therapy.

The Critical Role Of School Psychology In The School Mental Health Movement

Typically, their training includes 4 to 6 years of academic preparation, followed by 1 to 2 years of full-time supervised work with patients and a licensure exam.

Psychologists are licensed in the states in which they practice. Since they are not doctors, they cannot generally prescribe medicines. Those with such licenses are required (in some states) to have additional training in psychopharmacology.

Licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) must have a master’s degree in social work (MSW), and some have a doctoral degree in social work (DSW or Ph.D.). They are trained to assess a person’s mental health, treat mental illness, and provide therapeutic techniques to promote emotional well-being.

Mental Health Support Psychologist

They also receive training in advocacy and case management services within the hospital. A clinical social worker typically accumulates 3,000 hours of work experience before obtaining his/her professional certification.

Mental Health Providers: What The H*ck Is The Difference?

They are not qualified to prescribe medications, but depending on their license and training, they can provide evaluation, diagnosis, counseling, and a variety of other services.

Licensing requirements vary by state, but most professionals have at least a master’s degree in psychology, counseling psychology, family therapy, or other mental health-related field, and two to three years of supervised clinical experience. I have experience.

They can provide diagnosis and counseling for a wide range of mental health issues, but are not licensed to prescribe medications.

We are happy to support you on your path to improving your mental health. Get expert tips and insights

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